Bit bucket ruby-project missing files?

The bit bucket repo we were instructed to download only contains the sample faulty code and the rspec file for the zero-ith problem( hello world). Calls for us to do other exersizes as well assumed to be in the same directory. They do not exist. I cannot currently move forward in the program.
Perhaps I failed to download some additional files? However up until now I have followed the alpha course closely and this led me to download just the helloworld files. The bit bucket repo also shows it to have only the files for the zero-th hello world problem in the " Ruby-Project."
Which is where we are assumed to be working from in the examples on the rspec practice one lesson.
Please respond promptly so I may move forward with the class.

Okay so I found that I needed to fork it with a button which replaced the next prompt. I selected it and sat on that page for a while while it did nothing observable. Next I went to Kevin’s bit bucket to see if it forked it
To select the one created for me(mordecailloyd) and wait . and wait. loading for like 3 minutes now and the webpage still isn’t around.

okay so the section at this point either needs to re walk through the commands to download your forked repo’s
Also: Having us install the zero-ith problem- and then in another new repo download the zero-ith again along with a bunch of other problems just seems super messy to me. Why not just use one repo with all of them in it?

So first off there needs to be one repo with all the rspec problems instead of one with one and the other with that one plus a bunch of others.
Secondly it needs to be clear on the page of the alpha course that a new repo needs to be forked/downloaded when it is necessary.
Changing the use of the “Next” button is buggy and confusing as it is otherwise not pointed out in any way on this exercise.

Considering that the names for these repos and forks breaks almost every one of the good naming practices which the alpha course just went over is also. Pretty funny.

oddly enough the zeroith exercise which I am redoing because. Why not. Already fixed those typos once. So I run the rspec first to get used to the workflow idea. Strangely It passes the second test and the third test. Just not the first. I am dying here, this is so inconsistent.