Best tips before I submit my first assessment? What do you wish you knew when you started?

Learning Challenge



I am about to complete and submit my first assessment. My question is, if you could go back to when you started, what do you wish you knew whilst completing the learning challenges?

It seems that a lot of folks waste fails on small mistakes like capitalization and not reading the prompts thoroughly. If you are allowed to share, what caused you to fail an assessment and what do you wish you had done differently to preserve your fails?

I know in HTML, I need to make sure I am following the prompts to a T, especially with vs <input type= & the form not stretching past 600px.

The GIT pitfall seems to be properly zipping up the files.

I can’t tell what the common hangups are on the Boolean Logic assessment.

I appreciate any and all feedback. :smiley:

What I’ve tried


It looks like you’ve done your homework! I would say that if you feel your assessment meets all the requirements, and you’ve checked those common pitfalls, then it’s time to submit. Just keep your focus on the details and you should do well.