Atom error message

I have this annoying message that keeps popping up every time I try to do exercises on Atom.
Please give me a help to deal with.

The message is as follows:
[Linter] Error running RuboCop
See Console for more info. (Open View -> Developer -> Toggle Developer Tools)

And the message from the Toggle Developer Tools are:
Error running RuboCop Error: Error: The Lint/InvalidCharacterLiteral cop has been removed since it was never being actually triggered.
(obsolete configuration found in /Users/meiyaolin/.rubocop.yml, please update it)


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I had the same issue and I uninstall RuboCop from Atom to get rid of it.

You can uninstall in by clicking Atom(top left) => Preferences => install => search “RuboCop” => uninstall

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Thank you! That’s a good idea to get rid of it.

Luck I have the same problem. Did you uninstall the RuboCop? any side effects of not having it?

No I don’t notice any side effects.
And I also receive the same suggestion from Kevin as follow:

Hey Luke, I have just been telling people to disable the Rubocop linter in settings > packages for now we can fix it when you start at App Academy. Until then, it is better practice to proof read your code and handle the errors if they come up.

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Personally, I found that if you delete the rubocop.yml file, you’ll be able to use everything perfectly - however, since that might not be great for future purposes, disabling it might be best.