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Assistance with Git Assessment

I received a 3/4 on my Git submission. I THINK I understand the issue but I wanted a second opinion as this is my last submission attempt.

My Git Diff:

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 10.34.38 PM

From what I can see/understand:
After I merge the “drawings” branch to the “together” branch and merge the “pictures” branch to the together branch the changes need to be committed.

When I pull up the “together” branch from my project, I can also see that the changes haven’t been accepted in my html document:


Thanks in advance for your help!

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So I’ve tried the assessment a couple more times (haven’t submitted though) and I’m going to revise what I think the solution is:

  1. I may be forgetting to save my site.html doc after I make the changes.

  2. I think I’ve realized that where I am in the DIRECTORY affects which changes are committed to the BRANCH. I had previously assumed that each branch tracked all the changes made to the entire directory (within that branch).

Now when I double check the “together” branch after I complete the project, it looks how it’s supposed to. This is my most recent attempt (unsubmitted):


Side note:
I’ve been selecting “Accept Both Changes” and then reordering the images to fit the screenshot provided by the instructions.

A different forum post suggested just deleting <<<HEAD, ===, etc manually rather than accepting the changes. Either way, after I reorder the img tags, the result LOOKS the same. I don’t see how that would affect the outcome but I’m going to do that instead. And if it DOES affect the outcome, would someone mind explaining how?

Hi Ivy!

I love the problem-solving I’m seeing in this thread!

You’ve made a lot of discoveries that are correct. I think you are correct that the changes to site.html were probably was not being committed if you were staging and committing from sub-directories.

In terms of correcting the merge conflict, there a number of ways to fix it after you submit. The way you fix it doesn’t matter at all t the auto-grader - the auto-grader is just checking your final product and seeing if everything matches a solution file…it is not looking at your commands or order of operations that got you to your final product. So, it sounds like the way you resolved the conflict should be just fine, as long as your final product for each branch matches the screenshots in the directions.

Let me know if you have any more questions, but it looks like you are on the right track with the solutions you came up with on your own.

Hi @ihuynh

I got the same exact Git Diff and I also believe that I am forgetting to save my site.html right before the final commit.

I’ve been doing the same thing for merging the two branches: “Accept Both Changes”. I don’t think this should affect the outcome, so I am pretty positive I am just forgetting to save the site.html since it heavily implies you should, but never explicitly says to at the very end of the instructions.

Were you able to find your solution?