Assessment 1 - Submitting issue

Hey Kevin,

I submitted Assessment 1 with the proc problems unfinished. Then I finished those problems and submitted again using git push, but it still says submit where it should say next. Is there something else is should be doing?



Hi Mallik,

Great job on the assessment! Remember that practicing assessments like these in a timed environment from beginning to end is the best way to prepare for the stress that comes with the full time course assessments. It can even be great practice to make up your own custom assessments. Keep up the great work!

We will look into why the app did not update after you received a 23/23 on your assessment. For now I have marked it complete so let me know if you are still not able to proceed. Thanks!

Ok sounds good, thanks Kevin!

Hi, Kevin - I am currently having the same problem. I’ve got 23/23 correct on assessment 1 but am unable to proceed.

Hi Kevin,

I’m having the same issue as well. I got a 23/23 and successfully pushed my code, but am unable to continue in Alpha. Can you please advise?


Thank you for your patience team. Both should be good to go!

Hey Dexter,

I have marked your assessment as completed. Thanks!

Same problem. Didn’t get them all done the first time around, but I have now. the RSPEC says 23/23 passing. But the message I get after I git push is that I only passed 17/23. The button just says submit, I can’t move on.

Hey Trevor,

Yeah, that went way faster than expected. No immediate errors, so you
should be good to go!


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So just to be clear, now that I can move about the curriculum freely, I can no longer submit any of the exercises. Even if I don’t look beyond the exercise, when I push the completed exercise to bitbucket, it doesn’t register with the AppAcademyOnline app. Which means that the app won’t know ever know whether I completed all the material or not. (I am, obviously, completing all the material without looking ahead to the next thing until I’ve completed the step I’m on).

It’s just that I would expect an email from a/A about not having completed everything in the Alpha Course when the deadline on Wednesday comes around. When I have, in fact, completed everything and the app just can’t recognize that.

Having this same issue.

Hey Trevor,

No student is going to receive an email regarding their completion percentage of the Alpha Curriculum. We are fully aware of your hard work put into every task and we have access to all BitBucket Repos/Forks so we know when every task is started/completed even while the websocket bug caused the app to not register the latest completions. This bug has been resolved and the app should now adequately display user task status.

For previously completed projects, please try pushing a small change in order to resubmit the project and get the “green check mark.” This will also change the “submit” button to “next.” Let me know if you are still seeing issues in this feature and we will do our best to resolve them as soon as possible.

Please remember that the Alpha Course is designed to prepare you for the bootcamp ahead. It is a practice course that we require students to take in order to be more successful in the main course, though currently there is not a formal grading process nor will this curriculum affect your application status. We just want all our students to be as successful as possible and that means practice, practice, practice.

Keep up the great work.

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Hi Kevin,

I am also not seeing the “next” button after submitting my assessment. It still says “submit”.


Hey Kevin, having similar issues with the submit button on my side. I should have all the RSPEC tests passing though.


I got it figured out, it just took a few git pushes to get fixed.

Having same issue - tried pushing a few times but to no avail. Any suggestions?