Assessment -1 Question

In the assessment instructions, it says that if you can’t finish the assessment in the allotted time, you should submit it anyway, take a break, and try again. When it says “try again,” does that mean that one should re-fork it and try again? Because I don’t see an option for that (having submitted my assessment), and it seems to me that just re-cloning the repository would clone my submitted answers too. Or is that instruction just saying that I should re-do it on my own and try to solve the problems in under 45 minutes?


I assume you just re-do it on your own, because even if you try to push your completed solution your result remains the same.

For example, i completed 20/23 in the 45 minutes. I completed the remaining afterwards tasks and tried to push but the course still says 20/23 completed, so I guess you just complete it yourself and push into your bitbucket, but it wont change anything on the course side of things.

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@lcooper my bad, checked up with @kevin and apparently its supposed to show 23/23 once you finish. As for editing the code itself, edit your own personal code, no need to fork anything again, and then push it.

@kevin I pushed Assessment -1 multiple times. Once before 45 mins and the other times all after once I worked through finishing it. Each time, it has been stuck just “Processing…”

Should I just move on the curriculum and will this hold me back on anything?

Hey Carl,

Thanks for the heads up, we will look into your assessment submission. Go ahead and just move on through the curriculum though, this will not hold you back.

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Hi there,
@kevin same issue with my submission after first attempt (stuck on grading). I’ll just proceed forward, however could you follow up on my submission?


Hi aalfarho,

Will do! Great work, it seems several people are having an issue with the assessment grading. We will be refactoring and testing the process this week to hopefully get a more consistent solution. Thanks!

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Great! Been having the same issue

Pushed a dummy change, now the course shows the assessment as completed :metal: !