Are we supposed to follow this course in order?

The exercises given in RSpec require knowledge taught much later in the course. There doesn’t seem to be a logical flow to the learning structure.

Yeah, this issue has been brought up multiple times before. They say they are still working on setting up the Alpha Course and will be reorganizing the content. Probably will not happen in our time though.

Are you guys referring to how they mentioned something towers of Hanoi i the writing good code section even though I have never encountered it before?

Thats part of it. But specifically later on when you reach the RSPEC problems, you will realize you don’t have the knowledge required to complete them. They are much more difficult than the fundamental topics that come right after them, so it is recommended to skip them atleast until you reach the Classes topic.


awesome, thanks. yeah, I got really confused at rspec 2…

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I too was confused when I got to rspec 2, default blocks and yield didn’t seem to be covered yet. Stack Overflow has very helpful information here, but yes, a note on the page that some of this material has yet to be covered would have been helpful.