Apple M1: Would it work for the Bootcamp?

I am upgrading my computer, but I am not sure whether the Macbok Pro M1 chip would be good for the AppAcademy program or not.

Have there been any students successful with the new chip? Any known issues?

Apologies for the late response …

I think we are still evaluating this as well and trying our best to keep up with the times.

There are definitely some applications that have not been fully integrated to work on Mac M1’s yet.

However, I am not super up to date on whether those applications are still behind. Here is a rough list of applications that you might want to be aware of before jumping in to an M1:

  • Docker for Mac (Tech Preview Docs)
  • homebrew (looks like partial support from these release notes)
  • Adobe Products (not used at a/A, but good to know for anyone who does graphics with them)

I hope that helps. :pray: