App Academy Tech


I have been consistently coding everyday for 6 weeks now on a Mac and am getting very frustrated with it. Since I gave it a very good shot, I was wondering what kinds of Technologies will we be working with during the App Academy (regular) course so I can see if I would be able to manage it using a Linux (Ubuntu) laptop. I’ve already completed 1 JavaScript Engineering Full Stack course (DevLeague) using Ubuntu and find it 3 times more user friendly.

It’s not “that” important but seeing as the curriculum is intense, I want to get ever edge I can get.


Hi Steven,

The course can be completed using Ubuntu! I use it myself and I can help troubleshoot your set up if you’d like, just shoot me a message on Slack. Overall however you’ll find less support for it from our curriculum because only around 5% of students go that route.

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OMG… THANK YOU!!! I’m pulling hairs working with Mac.