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App Academy quiz modules are not print friendly

After checking the “I understand that I can print this out and come back to answer it later.” checkbox for my assessment, I realized it would be a good idea to print. However, when I try to do so, it just prints out the section of the page that I am viewing vs. being a print-friendly document of the entire test. I hope you guys can either fix that or give instructions on how to print correctly.

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I have the same problem. I would love to know how to print this test so I can write on it to do work effectively!

Attempting to print it is a disaster, the page is not at all formatted in a way that prints well. Please fix.

Turns out what I ended up doing was highlighting the entirety of the page I wanted to print… and then pasting it into a different document editor such as Keynote/Pages/Word/etc. I kept the formatting and adjusted a few things like indentation… then I was golden. This also helps to combine multiple different ‘pages’ into one document for easy studying! Good luck! I just graduated last month!

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Thank you, this will be very helpful!