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Is this supposed to be simple text typed in terminal, or should I be actually creating directories and subdirectories? I am sort of confused on how to execute these commands creating these file structures when it’s just text.

Thank you

Hi Kenny,
Welcome to the forum!

In this exercise, the directory structure that you see on the screen is your target - this is what your directory structure should look like when you’ve completed the tasks.

You will need to use commands in your terminal to create the correct directories, create files within those directories, and move between directories as you go.

If you are working within VS code, your folders and files in the left “Explorer” sidebar should match the structure in the screenshot. Make sure you do your work with the shell commands (touch, cd, mkdir, etc) instead of clicking on the icons to create files and directories.

Let is know if you run into any trouble, or have any more questions.


Thank you Jesse. That is helpful. I guess my question now is should I do this in the Mac terminal, or in VS code? every time I begin with the touch command in Mac I get a line that just says heredoc, then it lets me simply type text without creating any directories. Does that make any sense?(I’m just starting this journey, so sorry if I am confusing).

Hi Kenny,
You can use these commands in the mac terminal, or in a terminal that you open up within VSCode. I would recommend doing this work within VS code, because you will be able to better see the results of each command, as the new files and directories will show up in the left sidebar.

This is so complicated for a first-time user!! Whew, I’ll be at this for a while, but I know when I get it it’ll be awesome!

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