Always add Remote to Github Profile?

Hi, my question is whether we should add our Github profiles as a remote for every (or any) project in the Alpha curriculum. I did this for the simple ruby project in the git workflow section but wasn’t sure if we should also do this for the other exercises.

I read somewhere (don’t remember where) that employers prefer not to see problem-sets (like the method exercises) listed as projects in repositories.

It’s highly valuable to start practicing using Git so that you are comfortable and fluent with it as soon as possible. It’s used extensively in the App Academy course and throughout the industry, so really the more practice you get interacting with it the better.

I understand your concern! Luckily, its really easy to delete Git repositories down the road. When you head into the job search and start brushing up your portfolio and online presence, you can always delete ( or move) and repos with practice work from the course so that you present a more polished and professional image. I wouldn’t worry too much about it right now, though!