Alpha V2 - How Do We Submit?

I noticed that for the assessments, it says “fork and complete” for the V2. I don’t see any fork option (I don’t think we use this since we’re not getting the files from GitHub anymore?). Where are we supposed to be submitting our assessments for Alpha V2?


I read this quote by @kevin in the group chat

“There is not a submission process for Alpha curriculum V2. The task will be marked as complete as soon as you click next. I still recommend keeping an organized folder of all your work though, preferably in the cloud. Let me know if you have any questions. Keep practicing!”

I also have no idea what we’re supposed to submit and where. The content seems to be spread amongst a lot of different sites and it’s very confusing. I’ve been doing the excersises in the App Academy Admission Prep because the exercises match the walkthroughs in the V2 curriculum