Alpha curriculum lost progress memory


I have completed about 95% of the alpha curriculum.

The progress tracker has now lost track of the progress, and all milestones are showing up as incomplete.

current view of the dashboard:


Hi @ahmedali

Are you enrolled in any of our paid options? This can happen when students are working through our free content as part of the full-stack curriculum and then click over to the prep work for our in-person cohort or vice versa. If you click on “switch”, do you see another alpha course option nested under “full stack” or “other”?

If the above doesn’t apply to you, can you report an issue?


Hi Matthew,

Yes, I am enrolled for the in-person cohort. The observation I reported was due to the switch.

Also noticed that the ‘fullstack online’ alpha curriculum is v 4.0.

The one i’ve been working with is the v3.0. Please confirm if that (still) is the right version to go. I am starting the cohort in Jan 2019.


Hi again,

You’ll want to reach out by email to your admissions specialist and let them know what’s going on. You should be working through 3.0 now. Go ahead and pick up however far along you were and keep at it! Good luck!