Alpha course referancing material not encountered

Probably due to it being a bit of a copy paste job from some other program AppAcademy has already made?

says in the first paragraph:
" We’ll use an implementation of the Towers of Hanoi exercise we worked on in the array section."
There has not yet been any "Array section."
Perhaps it should provide a link to said section for those familiar with it who want to go over it again, and to elucidate its message to those who haven’t seen it. Or maybe it just should not say this.

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Thanks Simon,

You are exactly right, the learning platform just pulls from github and all of the files were copied over from their previous repository into the new alpha-curriculum. We made plenty updates but the new curriculum manager is going the whole thing right now looking for these exact typos. I will add it to his list.

Thanks again for the feedback.
handles using rspec for some test driven interaction with the hello world program: which is something that is done and submitted/pushed to bit bucket in the introduction / gitworkflow sections.
re: It treats it as though it is something we have not already done.
Yeah the next sub section "" runs with this same assumption that we haven’t already done this thing. Which tells me this section needs to occur before we encounter the section telling us to push the fixed code to bitbucket.

References a chapter which is not encountered in the alpha course.