Alpha-Assessment 1 Submission question

Hey, I just did that assessment at the end of Alpha course. It said I had one hour to finish it and if failed some of the specs I should submit it regardless.
I failed three specs and the time between downloading and uploading was exactly 64 minutes. So I failed time-wise also.
Now I am wondering if there are any consequences on underperforming at this assessment test?

This is a question more suited to your assigned admissions specialist. You’ll probably want to reach out by email. If you’re enrolled in our paid course, there is a chance that significantly under-performing on assessment -01 in the alpha course will negatively influence your enrollment.

I can only provide general advice:
If you only went over by 4 minutes and only missed 3 specs out of the 30 or 40 it is, you’ll probably be fine. Your best course of action will be to finish working through the specs and resubmit with everything working. Keep working through the Alpha Course material, review it a second or third time if necessary.

Good luck!