Ahoy! I'm Paolo (July Cohort SF)

Hi Everyone!

My name is Paolo. I’ll be in the July 31 SF cohort.

My path to App Academy has been a winding one, so it looks like I’m in good company. As an undergrad I focussed on US history, African-American studies, and the politics of food. Then I ran a farmers market organization in Santa Fe, New Mexico for four years. Now, I’m excited (and super nervous, to be honest) to throw myself into a brand-new field.

My other interests include postmodern dance, creative writing, and rock climbing.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and contributing to a supportive learning community.

PS I use male pronouns (“he” and “him”)

Hey there Classmate ! Looking forward to seeing you in class !

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Thanks Harsh! Me too :grinning:

Hi there Paolo, looking forward to coding with you !

Do you do routing or boulder climbing? I used to do routing, but I stopped a while ago :smiley:

  • Alfaro

Hey Alfaro! I boulder a bit but I prefer route climbing, especially long multi-pitch. Where have you climbed? I can’t imagine there’s much rock around Detroit :thinking:

Did you do the Jump Start program in SF in early April? I think I remember you from there.

Hey Logan – yes I did and I remember you too! Glad we’ll get to keep working together.

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Are you in SF now? I climb at Dogpatch Boulders and Mission Cliffs if you ever want to join!

Hey there Rob. I’m not in SF yet (arriving in the Bay early July, living in Berkeley) but I’d be psyched to get into Mission Cliffs with ya when I am!

Sweet. If you’re looking to join a gym, Touchstone would be the best option since you’d have access to two gyms in the East Bay (Berkeley Ironworks and Great Western Power in Oakland) and the two in SF (Dogpatch Boulders and Mission Cliffs). We should get a climbing group going so we don’t go soft during a/A! Hit me up when you’re in town - 415-939-5934.