After the Alpha Course - More Prepwork Required?

I noticed that at first there were 2 courses in my aaonline’s dropdown list of courses: Alpha Curriculum and App Academy Prepwork. Now the App Academy Prepwork course has disappeared. Just for the sake of planning ahead, is there more prepwork that needs to be done after the Alpha Curriculum?

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Thats weird, I personally only see the Alpha Curriculum, not any App Academy Prepwork. Is that correct ?

@kevin any insight ?

Hey Harsh & Alison,

Apologies for any confusion. We are currently testing the prep work on App Academy Online so only some new users will see it in their dropdown. These courses consist only of the preparatory material one would do before acceptance into App Academy. So this is material you have both already seen and in the future will be available to everyone through this platform.



@kevin The Alpha Curricullum has changed to Software Engineering Foundations ,is it enough to go to next part.And , the order of courses to take is in downward right ,one after another? Greetings!:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, yes if you feel comfortable with the entire alpha curriculum go ahead and move onto Ruby. Then correct it is ordered top to bottom in the nav :nerd_face:

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thank you sir for your feedback