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  • Why you decided to join App Academy
  • Interesting facts about yourself
  • Favorite things (Food, TV Shows, etc.)
  • What interests you about software engineering
  • Your goals/aspirations

Hello from Texarkana Texas I joined the Academy because I want to learn programming (59 going on 60) the academy from what I read and seen the videos sounds what I need to get into the IT field. even at my age. I will be retiring from the Federal Government (partial retirement) need the break. I’m presently a Police Officer with the Department of the Army and yes a Army Veteran(not military just civilian like the regular Cops you see. Would like to finish my degree with the University of Phoenix (online) Information Technology System Security. I’m a UBER-LYFT driver part-time at Dallas, my interest in Software engineering either as a position or setting up my own business.Would like to retire in a higher position in the Federal government (better retirement pay) that’s all for now.


Hello everyone
I am Meera from Malaysia. I am working in E-Commerce after doing my Masters in Business Management and currently pursuing this full stack free program from App Academy. I just realized that I like coding and hopefully turn out to be a software engineer after completing this course successful.

Hey everyone! My name is Mack and I’m extremely excited to be joining you all here. I’m from Southwestern Virginia and decided to join App Academy after having an inspiring conversation with my best friend a few weeks back. I have minimal experience with code, but I am eager to tackle this challenge and do the absolute best I can. I love basketball, poetry and being out in nature. I could eat sweet potatoes every single day and watch ‘Martin’ while doing so. I’m interested in soaking up all the knowledge I can throughout this course and use it to bring unique ideas to the tech space, with hopes of furthering the community!

Welcome Mack! Sweet potatoes are delicious.

hi everyone I am derek and I am in the midst of doing the career karma courses. I finished all the basic html lessons and starting the CSS currently in the learn prep bootcamp for flatiron and just jooined the prep app academy course as well and will be starting that one. App Academy open is the actual prep bootcamp course right? Also this app academy online, is this more of a discussion forum where you can meet people, get help as well as give help on different topics related to the app academy open courses? ay feedback is welcomed. thank you


Its Samia from Islamabad, Pakistan. I have decided to join app academy because i think after graduation, I would be equipped with skills that are required by market and secondly there is no such academy here. Apart from learning, I am gym junkie. I used to train in strength now I am into resistance training. Goal is to become a software engineer, of course…

Thanks for reading my bio. :slight_smile: Cheers

Hello, I am Tsatsaa from Mongolia. I have studied and worked in Business sector for last 6-7 years. During my maternity leave, I got to attend an online course from Udacity (Front End Developer) for 2 months and I enjoyed it. Since I will be staying at home for 3 more months, I want to start it academically this time. My husband is a skilled iOS developer so he suggested me this course, thanks to him :slight_smile: I dont have any experience in this field and busy with my 2 toddlers, I am little anxious. Hope I can make it :crossed_fingers: I like escape games, detective movies, magic, design, colors and minimalis, I think it will be great match with Coding :stuck_out_tongue: . Once I am done with online prep course, I am aiming to attend in person course then start working in good enviroment. My biggest goal is to work remotely in my home country and enjoy my family life. Good luck everyone!

Hello, my name is Catrise. I’m from the city of Detroit, born and bred. I’m an elder noob (51). I have a background in remote tech support and have dreamed of learning to code but always thought it was too late for me. The Career Karma app let me know it is not too late for me and it eventually led me here. I only have my little Acer Chromebook to start but aim to upgrade to a much more suitable machine toute suite!

Everybody stay safe. <3

I’m Tonaya. I’m exploring a career change from the publishing industry into software development, so will be working through the App Academy offerings as well as Hack Reactor prep materials and anything else I can get my hands on! Pretty much no experience with code except I have been picking up and putting down HTML and CSS off and on over the last several years but never advanced it or did anything with it.

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I’ve found it’s a great resource to ask technical questions and get feedback in a pretty timely manner, and is also awesome for getting different perspectives on things and sometimes have them explained differently.