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The App Academy Curriculum is a 4 week course designed to assure students are prepared for their first day at App Academy! Please use this category to provide feedback on the curriculum and course related content.

If you find any instructions unclear or would like to suggest the changing of how the tasks are ordered please let us know. Together we can make this curriculum even better and give you all the practice you need to be successful in the main course.

Thank you for your feedback and if you have any issues that need immediate attention please feel free to reach out to online@appacademy.io

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Is this Alpha Curriculum also included in the Open version of App Academy?

Yes, I’m very curious about this 4-week Alpha program.

Currently, I’m taking a free, 2-week prep course.
It’s online: app academy open.

I do believe you can pay for a mentor on a monthly basis for the 2 week program, but it’s free without the mentor. I’m sure you’re aware of all this info lol.

Is the 4-week Alpha course still going? I would love to try it.

Melanie Victor