A Ruby Project/First Project


I’m not seeing what we’re supposed to fork: “Click the Fork button to create a remote repository for your project.” Is there supposed to be a repository to fork in our BitBucket account? Mine is blank. What am I missing?


Hi David,

Clicking the fork button will create a fork of the main project repo from the App Academy Online BitBucket Account into your account with a special repo name. So after clicking the button you should see a repo under your account. This is the repo that you then clone, work on, add, commit, and push in order to complete. Hope this makes sense.

Let me know if you have any questions or if fork button is not creating your remote repository. Thanks!

Hey Kevin,

I’m not seeing a fork button anywhere on BitBucket. I signed up using the same exact email as I used in signing up for the Alpha course. Am I missing something?

Hey David, I’m referring to the fork button on App Academy Online when you are viewing a project task.

I also had this problem. I suggest changing that sentence to:

  • List item At the bottom of this page on the right, click the green Fork button (where it usually says Next or Submit) and that will create a BitBucket repository for your copy of the project.

I only solved this after lots of searching on the BitBucket site when I found someone in the Slack channel who had the same problem. (I thought the instruction applied to BitBucket because that was the last step we completed on the previous page in the heroku app, signing up for Github and then a BitBucket account).

Thank you for the feedback Davids! This has been updated.