A Ruby Problem - bundle install


I’m at the stage in “A Ruby Problem” in the Alpha material where I hit “Fork” and go through the instructions. I wrote in “bundle install” as instructed and I received an error message “Could not locate Gemfile”

Does anyone have any insight as to where I went wrong?



Hey Eric! Did you change directory (cd) into the folder that the Gemfile is in? You can only run bundle install if you are in the right folder.

Thanks, Michael - how do I see what folder my Gemfiles are in?

Sorry - I’m actually pretty new to macs as well so there’s a bit of a learning curve.

Hey Eric, most of your work with a problem will be done inside the folder your forked from bitbucket. So once your have forked the problem, just cd into that folder and you should be able to “bundle install” and “bundle exec rspec” from there.

Also, make sure you cd … to back out before forking the next project.

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Got it - thanks, all!

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