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Hi, friends.

I’ve recently attended a a/A webinar which compared the 16 and 24 week software engineering immersive. The presenter allowed for a Q&A after their presentation and so one of the questions that I had asked was: “What are the acceptance rates for the 16 and 24-week program?” I was told that these rates hover around 4%. That is staggeringly low! I’ve also come across many recent a/A alumni Linkedin profiles which indicate that he/she completed a program with a 4% acceptance rate. A distinguishable achievement, indeed.

My question here is: Where do these statistics come from? Are these rates recent? Also, have (acceptance) rates increased (or perhaps decreased) since this figure was once established?


Hi Pawan,
The acceptance rate that was shared during your info sessions is correct and current for both programs. This rate is calculated by looking at the number of applications for the program compared to the number of accepted students.
If you have any other questions, definitely reach out to our admissions team!

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