11/12 HTML/CSS Assesment Fail

Just barely missed passing the HTML/CSS module, but missed the following point:

  • has a ‘form’ element that is 600px when the window is wider than 600px

I’m confused as to why I got back this point as wrong. My form never extended past 600px when I tested out the window.

On a side note, I did notice that the form wasn’t shrinking when under 600px which I think I fixed by adding “width: auto;” under “form” at the top of my code.

Am I still missing how to fix the wrong point I recieved? It showed to be working correctly before I sent in the assignment. Any guidance would be so so helpful!

Pictures attached are of my most updated (but not yet sent in) code.

Hi Mercy,
One issue that I am noticing right off the bat is that there is a red squiggle in your media query for the larger screens. It looks like you are missing a colon between min-width and 600px, so I would definitely fix that and check the behavior. It is likely that the code within that media query has not been applied in the browser because of that typo.

After making that change, double check your form widths again, and let us know what you find.

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Hi Jesse!

Thank you so much for your guidance! I added the colon I was missing. =)

I also made the body margin 0, as it was actually making the form extend a bit further than 600px when I made my screen larger. I believe this fixed all the issues for the assessment, but please let me know if I’m missing something!

Again, thank you so so much for your help.